About Us

We offer high quality products in USA, Mexico and Central America

Who we are

At Alexanderson International we specialize in food marketing.

In our years of experience, we have identified a demand in the South, Central and North American markets for high-quality, high-turnover, value-added products.

With an extensive knowledge of food service in retail and institutional markets, at Alexanderson International we can provide a range of solutions for these dynamic markets based on international trends and the unique needs of each region.

Out true values

With our philosophy “The sun shines on everyone” We are committed to bring the best quality products to the largest percentage of the population, at affordable prices. We seek that our consumers have the opportunity to enjoy again and again our value-added products without affecting their economy. We also look for the excellence in our chain value


Fresh Products

We want to offer the best quality products for our clients. We have the best traceability in origin of our products





The sun really goes out for everyone

A quality product does not always mean that it has a higher price. The quality that AMERICAN SUNSHINE offers is completely affordable for anyone who wants to offer their family the best. We think that by providing quality, we improve the lives of those people who are interested in our products.

In the same way, by being grateful for what our company ALEXANDER INTERNATIONAL achieves, we help low-income communities in Mexico, supporting our motto. For more information about our foundation www.